Why think about selling your La Quinta Home home now?

Why think about selling your La Quinta, CA 92253 home now?

  • Average Days on Market is 60 days
  • Current Active Listings  763
  • Median Listing Price  $594,650
  • There are currently more La Quinta, CA buyers than there are La Quinta homes listed for sale.
  • The buyers that are looking now are SERIOUS buyers
  • Take advantage of this SELLERS MARKET…this may not last!
  • Lowest Interest Rates means bigger buyer pool for your home….(but for how long?)
Call Burke & Associates today to find out how we can sell your home – 760-250-2570 or 760-464-8138
Stay up to date on the La Quinta Real Estate Market visit.  www.iListLaQuinta.com

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